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Recent Projects

PensionsConcerto and IFATools are now close to the end of beta

Creating corporate dashboards using bespoke websites but also Microsoft PowerBI

WebPocketMoney released early in May

Migrating more than 40 websites and associated databases from a windows webserver to the cloud (Microsoft Azure).

Production of a secure cloud based management and marketing dashboard giving an up to date picture of client activity.

Successful migration during 2016 of the Centre for Wessex Young Musicians website and Facebook page from one domain to another, completed within less than a day using Microsoft's Azure cloud offering amongst other tools.

WYO at Royal Albert Hall

Successfully updating calculation software for a client to enable it to perform six times the amount of work in less than twice the time.

Performing a variety of extensive simulation calculations for a client.

Other news

Congratulations to Patrick Lee who has just (June 2017) passed two Microsoft edX online courses (part of their Data Science program) with 100% and 99% respectively (see here).

Blog post by Patrick Lee: Migrating to the cloud (Microsoft Azure and Office 365).

New blog post by Patrick Lee: WebPocketMoney: an easy way to track your children's pocket money balances online, with a natural "Tell me" user interface.

As of June 2017, after doing this with WebPocketMoney, we are delighted to be starting the process of adding #AI (Artificial Intelligence, in line with Microsoft's general strategy) to our other client products!

We are preparing to add products to Microsoft's Office 365 stores.

We now have an entry in Microsoft's Pinpoint database of partners and their products and solutions.

For the past 5 years, InQA founder Patrick Lee has been a member of the Council of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. He was re-elected last June and is currently serving on its Management Board.

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