Treemap chart in Excel

Useful charts for business/data analysis in Excel 2016

(Posted by Patrick Lee on 10 August 2017 at a different location, but migrated here on 05 Feb 2018).

You may not know that Excel 2016 added some useful new charts for analysing data. I particularly like the Treemap, Box & Whisker and Pareto charts. (The images below are taken from this Microsoft post, please see that link for more detail on these and other charts).

The Treemap gives you a quick view of which categories are most significant:

Treemap chart in Excel

The Box & Whisker chart gives you a very quick visual analysis of a set of data : the box shows you the lower quartile, median and upper quartile (with the mean shown as an asterisk), and the whiskers show you (by going out from the box by 1.5 times the interquartile range) the range of “non outlier” points. Points outside the whiskers are shown, giving you a quick indication of any data which look like to be outliers:

Box and whisker chart in Excel

The Pareto chart is a quick way to tell where you can get the “biggest bang for your buck”, i.e. which areas/categories are the most significant ones (e.g. which customers produce most of your sales, or which category of policyholders produce the biggest claims, or which types of defects happen most often in a quality control process):

Pareto chart in Excel

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