WebPocketMoney.com: an easy way to track your children’s pocket money balances online, with a natural “Tell me” user interface.

WebPocketMoney 1.0 released!

(Posted by Patrick Lee on 6 May 2017 at a different location, but migrated here on 05 Feb 2018).

We are delighted to announce the release earlier this week of WebPocketMoney.com, our cloud based app that enables parents and their children to track and manage pocket money online.

A new, sophisticated online tool for parents and children to track and manage pocket money balances

This web app has been designed to help parents and children manage pocket money in a user-friendly way that encourages saving. It uses notional accounts rather than physical accounts (which are often difficult to create for children) and this has the advantage that you can offer your children much higher interest rates (e.g. 5% or 10% per month) than are commonly available in the real world, in order to encourage them to save.

The app should work on all internet enabled devices, including phones, tablets and computers. (NB it requires an internet connection, i.e. it is not currently designed to work offline).

This means that parents can check their children’s balances and record payments and rewards wherever they are (provided they are connected to the internet). Children have separate logins and can check their balances, but not alter them.

When will I have £60?

Both children and parents can use our projection feature to find out how long it would take (assuming no future expenditure) for pocket money balances to reach a given target.

There are two ways to use the system: a new, innovate (and very natural) TellMe (what you want to do) way, or the older traditional way: Use the navigation menus.

The new, natural way: TellMe (what you want to do)

An exciting new way (“TellMe”) to use web apps which makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning (based in this instance on Microsoft’s Cortana and Language Understanding Intelligent Service). Under this method, you simply type in what you want the system to do and press the Enter key. The system will intelligently suggest actions to you as you type, which you can either select, or modify.

You can also simply click the Go! button from anywhere in the site and the system will intelligently suggest next steps for you to take.

This shows the TellMe search text box and go button:


This shows how the TellMe search text box shows suggestions as you type (here after typing What):


The older, traditional way: Use the navigation menus

The traditional way of using web apps is to use navigation menus and the mouse to click on links, go to another page, perhaps select a record and then click on another link or button and so on. You can still use that method within WebPocketMoney, e.g. from Home Page in the site, click Families, then choose a Family and click on the Family Members button, then choose a child and click on Accounts, and then click on Projections to get to the projection page.

Example: clicking on Families from the top level navigation menu:


Then selecting a family from the grid and then clicking on Family Members to go to the grid showing members of that family:


To use WebPocketMoney, just go here and create an account by signing up. It is currently free for initial users :).

WebPocketMoney.com is an innovative new web app built by InQA Limited on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, and which also uses Microsoft’s LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service). WebPocketMoney.com is copyright InQA Limited 2017 – all rights reserved.


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