Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science: my journey (May 2017 – April 2018)

I am delighted to have now completed the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science. It has been 10 online courses (taking a total of 322 hours) over just more than 11 months and my average (mean) mark over the 10 courses was 96.6%. The final course was a capstone project which involved analysing data from the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, building a model to help predict the degree of damage to buildings (amongst other things to help emergency response teams prioritise rescue efforts) and producing a report on this. This was an extremely practical way to complete the course.

I have created a series of slides (collected together in a Microsoft Sway online document) showing the main stages of my journey. You can see them at

Treemap chart in Excel

Useful charts for business/data analysis in Excel 2016

(Posted by Patrick Lee on 10 August 2017 at a different location, but migrated here on 05 Feb 2018).

You may not know that Excel 2016 added some useful new charts for analysing data. I particularly like the Treemap, Box & Whisker and Pareto charts. (The images below are taken from this Microsoft post, please see that link for more detail on these and other charts).