Why adding chatbots makes financial sense for your organisation

Adding a chatbot to your organisation’s website can provide a more interactive experience for your users while at the same time reducing demands on your staff’s time. Chatbots can help to:

  • free your team to deal with more complex enquiries or tasks
  • speed up employee training by providing a very accessible and intuitive source for staff to obtain information internally
  • automate complex workflows (such as providing quotes or booking services)
  • provide availability 24/7, 365 days a year
  • provide an alternative user interface for your apps than the traditional point and click menu/button system

Once written, your chatbots can be made widely accessible to your staff via various channels, e.g. Microsoft Teams in Office 365, Skype for Business, Facebook and email.  This means that when your staff or customers need information, they can obtain it very quickly via the most convenient route for them.