Thought Pieces

Here are some pieces of research and other documents that we hope visitors to our website will find interesting. Please also see our blog.

  1. Pensions

    A (UK) Pensions Data Format Standard – let’s make it happen! (Part 2)

    The valuation food chain for DB pension plans. (This explains the thinking behind the development of our Pensions Concerto product).

  2. Some of the published papers contributed to by David Wilkie and Patrick Lee:
  3. Blog posts by Patrick Lee:
  4. VBA Course

    Here we provide, for those interested in learning or improving their VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming, on an “AS IS” basis with no warranties or rights, a course we developed in 2003, but which remains largely valid (since Microsoft has made few changes to VBA since then).

    InQA Two day VBA Course parts 1 to 5 (zip file, 2MB).

    InQA Two day VBA Course parts 6 to 10 (zip file, 1MB).

    Note: we write our production code mainly in C# and other Microsoft .NET languages, but we still use VBA for some purposes including for some aspects of testing and for developing quick prototypes.

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