President’s Award for input on the topic of data science

I am delighted to have received a President’s Award for input on data science from outgoing Institute and Faculty of Actuaries President Marjorie Ngwenya, FIA at yesterday’s AGM at Staple Inn in London.

The IFoA is a tremendously vibrant organisation and I believe IFoA and other actuaries have an important role to play in helping businesses and organisations make the most from the torrents of data becoming available, whilst also helping protect consumers from unethical use of such data. In particular, I am very pleased that the IFoA is collaborating with the Royal Statistical Society in the vital area of the ethical use of data in data science. (For example a joint event was held earlier this month on the Industrialisation and Professionalisation of Data Science)

The #2040Economy : how do we prepare for a world in which very few work?

#The2040Economy : in my opinion, every business, charity, school, government department, etc needs to harness appropriate data for their organisation as soon as possible and extract value from it, or it will be overtaken by competitors who do.

And we (society across the whole planet) need to prepare for a new economy in which very few work.

Think about it: how will your children (or grandchildren) cope in a world where the economy doesn’t need them to work? How will society as a whole finance support for them?